The Birth of a Sculpture

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set her free" - Michelangelo

"With the Flickering of Graphite, the Sculpture Begins"

At night, the master feels most alive. With a glass of red wine and his graphite, he sketches and sketches. Only the best idea will survive his critique.

"The Sketches are Brought to Life from Cold Clay, Awaken in the Warm Hands of the Master"

Meticulously, the clay is chiseled and carved. The sculpture slowly begins to take form. This will be used to create the wax moulds; crucial for the next stage in her creation.

"The Master Will Now Take his Creations to Switzerland, the Only Place his Vision can be Realized"

Hot molten silver meets the delicate wax mould, in a meeting of chemistry and alchemy; an unpolished sculpture is all that remains.

"In the Hands of the Master, She is Delicately Kissed by his Brush"

The sculpture now embarks on her last journey. The master's brush gently kisses her face. The folds fall off her face down her cheeks, crafted to catch the light.

Trends move quick.

Consumption moves quicker.

The Master's hands take their time.

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